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Bed Bug Treatment

Using thermal heat and traditional pesticide solutions, we have one of the highest success rates of infestation eradication.

Our highly skilled and experienced team of technicians offer services using our state of the art, computer controlled heat generating equipment.

While other pest control companies only use one method to exterminate serious infestations, we use several.

The ThermAll Advantage:

  • Cost effective options
  • Save time and money.
  • Minimum intrusion to your life
  • State of the art equipment.
  • Experienced & Trained technicians that will answer all your questions.

From houses to high-rises, we can handle it.

The Thermal Heat Solution:

ThermAll recommends a Thermal solution for serious bed bug infestations. Unlike a pesticide only treatment, a thermal treatment only requires one visit.

A typical thermal heat treatment requires 6-8 hours. We strategically place our electric heaters and heat circulating fans in your home.

Our trained technicians continuously monitor and move items in your home to ensure the heat is flowing through every space and item.

The Chemical Only Solution:

ThermAll recommends a chemical solution for small infestations. Our chemical solution requires 2-3 visits strategically timed visits to kill newly hatched bed bugs. Newly laid bed bugs eggs require a gestation period of approx. 8 days to hatch. ThermAll recommends 2-3 visits scheduled approx. 10-14 days apart.

This solution is cost effective, but requires several visits and constant monitoring.

If you suspect you have bed bugs or you have seen a bed bug you give us a call.

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