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Bed Bug Inspections

Bed bugs can hide almost anywhere. ThermAll has the experience and resources needed to uncover those hiding places.

Trained Inspectors:

Our ThermAll technicians are trained in performing bed bug inspections in homes, and commercial establishments.

From hotels, libraries, restaurants and shared housing such as student housing and, retirement homes, ThermAll has the experience to provide thorough and accurate bed bug detection.

Detector Dogs:

ThermAll also offers a higher level of inspection services using trained dogs. Bed bug detection dogs are specifically trained to sniff out bed bugs from behind walls, in between clutter, books, beds etc.

Bed bug detection dogs can inspect a room in less than half the time a trained technician can with 95% accuracy.

While this service is ideal for multi-room, multi-seating establishments, where accuracy and speed is required, bed bug detector dogs can also be used for high clutter and tough to detect situations.

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