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About Thermal Heat

A big problem such as bed bugs requires some serious equipment. And ThermAll has the right equipment to quickly remove bed bugs.

Extreme heat is a proven method of killing bed bugs and their eggs. ThermAll uses heat to kill bed bugs and bed bug eggs. Compared to traditional chemical treatment, thermal heat is 100% effective and results are immediate. In most cases a repeat visit is not required.

Electric Heat

ThermAll uses heat generating equipment by Temp-Air - a leader in Thermal Heat remediation for pest control. Our thermal heat machines use high powered electric heaters which are safe and portable and can be used in any home or apartment. They are powered by a generator which is located outside and away from the home or structure. The heaters are computer controlled and monitored externally.

There are several advantages to using electric portable heaters by Temp-Air compared to using fuel based heaters such as propane or glycol powered heaters. Fuel based heaters have a limited operational reach. They cannot be used in high rises. They also require ventilation to operate. They also pose a safety risk due to the nature of the fuel.

Our electric heaters are safe to use in all environments including non-ventilated areas. Electric heaters can be used in the tallest of buildings without any safety concerns.

Thermal Chamber

ThermAll also uses other heat generating equipment such as steamers and our exclusive thermal heat chamber specifically designed by ThermAll.

Our thermal chamber is a portable heating unit designed to heat small items such as cushions, clothing, linens, and window coverings. We designed our own chamber to improve the efficiency compared to other "off the shelf" thermal chambers.

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